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Free Standing Frames, and Combo Sets

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Basic Free standing Stands - $350.00
Swings sold separately
This sturdy swing and stand combo comes with your coice of either our Texas Bluebonnet, Classic Roll Back, Texas Rose, or Deluxe Model porch swing. Our free standing frames are built from 4x4, and 2x4 rustic cedar lumber. This frame measures 7-1/2 Ft. (90") x 4 Ft. (48") at the base, and 7 Ft. (84") tall. All of our stands are built to order, so we can adjust the height, and also make slight variations to the length to fit your placement location. We build our frames with rustic cedar lumber, and attach all of the base features, and supports using 3-1/2" long lag bolts. and the top cross suspport is attached using 3/8" diameter all thread fastners.   
Free Standing Frame with Attached Roof - $1000.00
Swings sold separately
This is one of our most popular designs. This stand is perfect for the Texas weather. It offers a covered space to hang one of our swings, or even to hang a swing that you already have. This base of this stand measures 48" wide x 90" long x 90" tall. This stand is built from a modular design so that it can be moved easily. The roof can be dissassembled into two separate panels, and the two vertical colums can be easily detached from the horizontal cross beam. This beautiful stand is a must for enjoying the Texas summers.
Free Standing Arbor - $1000.00
Swings sold separately
This is one of our original arbor designs. This arbor is extra sturdy, and is completely movable. This unique design is created from rustic 4x4, and 2x6 rough sawn cedar lumber. The base measures 48" wide x 90" long. x 84" tall.
This beautiful design is perfect for hanging one of our porch swings, or a swing that you might already have. This would make a great focal point for your backyard garden area.
Due to the size of these stands, we currently offer local pickup only at our Victoria, Texas, or Richmond Texas locations. We hope to be offering shipping on our stands in the near future. Most of our stands, and frames are built to order so approximate delivery will be in one to two weeks depending on number of orders. For all stand and frame orders, we require a deposit before starting. 
Frames, Stands, and Arbors
Woodworking Plans To Build Your Own Stands
For those who do not live in our delivery areas, we offer plans that will allow you to build your own stand, or even have a contractor build it for you. Even though we don't actually ship our stands, we do offer shipping on all of our swing models.
Woodworking Plans - Free Standing Frame
Woodworking Plans - Free Standing Frame With Roof
Woodworking Plans - Free Standing Arbor
Comfort Springs Image

Swing-Mate Comfort Springs

Swing-Mate Comfort Springs
Heavy Chain Image

Heavy Duty Chain Kit Upgrade 1600 lb. max capacity

Heavy Duty Chain Kit Upgrade